Lutheranism is a movement within the universal Christian Church. The name Lutheranism is derived from the founder of the movement named Martin Luther. Some hallmarks of the Lutheran tradition are:

  1. Emphasis on the Bible alone as the source of teaching for the Christian life and faith.
  2. We are justified (put into a loving / life-giving relationship with God) by our faith / trust in Jesus Christ alone and not by anything we do to earn it.
  3. God is loving, merciful, compassionate, just, and always seeks us out when we go astray.
  4. God is active in our world through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  5. Worship includes both Word (readings from holy scripture) and Sacrament (Holy Communion and / or Holy Baptism).
  6. There are two Sacraments of the Church Holy Baptism & Holy Communion. These sacraments are gifts from God which give us the benefits they promise.
  7. Grace as our unearned love and favor given to us as a gift through Jesus Christ.

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